Will the World Face a Major Food Insecurity Crisis by 2050?

Ages: 13-15
Suggested length: 2-3 class periods (45-55 minutes each) 
Device accessibility: 1 device per 1-2 students

Lesson Information

At a glance

In this lesson, students will explore a fully developed Kialo discussion on the question, Will the World Face a Major Food Insecurity Crisis by 2050?” This Kialo discussion will provide a solid base of knowledge that students can consult to understand the complex issue of food insecurity.

Once they are acquainted with the basics, small groups of 3-4 students will research and prepare an oral group presentation on one of the top 10 countries that currently faces the problem of food insecurity.

Learning objective(s)

In this lesson, students will:

  • Analyze food security in both developed and developing countries.
  • Compare different solutions to prevent food insecurity.
  • Work collaboratively to give an informative oral presentation

Prior knowledge

Students should be acquainted with what food insecurity is. This lesson will build on that knowledge. It would also be convenient for students to be familiar with processes like supply and demand or agriculture’s reliance on rainfall.

Teacher preparation

  • There is no need to clone this discussion. Students can explore the discussion hosted on the Kialo_Edu account by clicking this link.
  • If you would like to invite students to the discussion using the “Share” button or the Teams feature, create 1 clone of the discussion for yourself.
  • When inviting students to the discussion, give them Viewer permissions.

Provided materials

Lesson Plan

Suggested length: 3-4 class periods (45-55 minutes each)

Lesson components:
– Opener (5-10 minutes)
– Activity
– Part A: Explore the Kialo discussion & research ideas (1 class period)
– Part B: Prepare presentations (1-2 class periods)
– Part C: Deliver presentations (1-2 class periods)
– Optional closer (5-10 mins)

Group presentations on challenges and solutions facing a food-insecure country. (see suggested rubric in provided materials)

– Google Slides is an excellent platform for collaborative presentations, where students on separate devices can simultaneously view and edit PowerPoint-style presentations.

Opener (5-10 minutes)

  1. Go through the top level claims in the Kialo discussion as a class, and address any comments or questions from the students. 
  2. Discuss as a class: do you think that the world will face a food insecurity crisis by 2050? Why? 


Part A: Explore the Kialo discussion & research ideas (1 class period)

  1. Split students into groups of 3-4 and go over Part A of the student instructions.
  2. Instruct students to return to the Kialo discussion to start researching for their presentations. 

Tip: Encourage students to use the sources linked within the Kialo discussion, as well as the resources provided in the Kialo discussion background.

Part B: Prepare presentations (1-2 class periods)

  1. Go over Part B of the student instructions with the class.

Optional Extension (10 mins): Before students start working on their presentations, activate student knowledge with a video about Climate Change’s Effect on Food Insecurity.

Part C: Deliver presentations (1-2 class periods)

  1. Facilitate as students deliver their presentations.

Optional closer (5-10 mins)

  1.  Open up the floor for questions and comments after each presentation.

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