Commenting on a Claim

Note: To comment on a claim, you must have the Writer role or higher. If you have the Suggester role, following the steps below will suggest a comment.

How to Comment on a Claim

To comment on a claim:

  1. Open the ‘Comments & History’ section of the claim.
  2. Type your comment within the comment box.
  3. When finished, click the blue arrow to submit your comment, or press the ‘Enter’ key.

This short video walks through the steps required to comment on a claim, as well as several other key features of a Kialo discussion.

Mentioning Other Claims or Users in Comments

  • While commenting on a claim, you can drag a different claim into the comment box to link to it in your comment.
  • You can also mention another participant by typing ‘@’, followed by their username.

Note: To modify the background info in a discussion, you must have Admin permissions or higher.

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