Multi- vs Single-Thesis Discussions

There are two ways the top-level of a Kialo discussion can be structured: single-thesis or multi-thesis.

Tip: When first trying out Kialo Edu, we recommend starting with a single-thesis discussion. Multi-thesis discussions can quickly become complicated for students not familiar with Kialo.

In a single-thesis discussion, students debate whether to agree or disagree with a simple statement. It has one thesis with two directly oppositional sides (pros and cons). For example:

In a multi-thesis discussion, students debate two or more possible answers to an open-ended question. As such, it has multiple theses, each of which proposes an answer to the central question. In turn, these theses each have two directly oppositional sides (pros and cons). For example:

The starting structure of a discussion is set up when you create it. For information on how to change the type of discussion, see Changing a Discussion Between Multi- and Single-Thesis Structures. For more information about writing theses, see Writing an Effective Thesis.

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