Creating and Managing Student Accounts

If you do not want your students to sign up for Kialo Edu themselves, you can create managed accounts for them by using the Managed Accounts feature.

About Managed Student Accounts

  • The Managed Accounts feature allows you or your institution to create and manage Kialo Edu accounts for students.
  • You can specify the usernames and passwords of managed accounts while creating them, and invite them to team(s) if desired (which is especially useful if you’re using teams to organize classes – see Organizing Students into Groups on Kialo).
  • At any point, you are able to edit the usernames or passwords of your managed accounts, add or remove them from teams you are a member of, or permanently delete them from Kialo Edu.
  • Managed accounts are able to change their own passwords and avatars. They cannot change their usernames or add an email to their account.
  • During the creation process you can paste an existing list of desired usernames, using the syntax of one username per line if desired.
  • Once you create the managed accounts, you’ll be able to download a user/password list of all created accounts.

Creating New Managed Accounts

To create new managed accounts:

  1. Navigate to the Managed Accounts section of My Kialo.
  2. Click Create Accounts.
  3. Enter the usernames and passwords for the accounts to create:
    1. If you have an existing list of desired usernames, select Paste multiple usernames at once. Paste your list into the box using one username per line. You can choose to either set a password for all users by entering it in the Password (optional) field, or leave it blank to generate a random password for each user (you will be able to download a list of username and password combinations afterwards). Then, click Yes to import the usernames.
    2. Otherwise, to manually input each account, enter the intended username and password in each respective row. You can randomly generate a password for a user by clicking the dice icon.
  4. If you wish to add all newly created accounts to a specific team, select the appropriate team.
  5. Make sure the information entered is correct, then click Create Accounts.
  6. Once the accounts are created, a prompt appears asking if a list of all usernames and passwords should be downloaded. If so, select Yes.

Editing Managed Accounts

To edit an existing managed account:

  1. Navigate to the Managed Accounts section of My Kialo.
  2. Mouse-over the desired username to edit, click the … icon, then click Edit.
  3. Edit the account’s username, password, or avatar as required.
  4. Once finished, click Save.

If you wish to add a managed account(s) to a specific team, check the box to the left of the user(s), then click Add to Team in the menu.

Deleting Managed Accounts

Note: Deleting managed user accounts is irreversible and will also delete all discussions the user is an Owner of. Take care when using this feature.

To delete an existing managed account:

  1. Navigate to the Managed Accounts section of My Kialo.
  2. If deleting one user, click the … icon when mousing over their username, then select Delete. If deleting multiple users, you can check the box to the left of their usernames, then select Delete at the top of the list. If deleting all managed users, check the box to Select All, then select Delete.
  3. A prompt appears. Make sure your selection is correct, then click Delete.
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