Setting up an Assignment in Kialo

Setting up an assignment for students on Kialo is simple. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to set up an assignment and invite your students to it.

  1. Create a discussion. You can either create a discussion from scratch or clone an existing one.
  2. Enter any assignment information. The background info can be used to outline the assignment, give your students background information, or provide additional resources.
  3. Add starter claims, if applicable. Depending on the assignment, the debate can be left blank, or “starter claims” can be added prior to inviting students.
  4. Add students to the discussion. You can invite students individually by user name, or if you have added them to a Team, you can invite the whole team. Alternatively, you can create a sharing link and share it with students, allowing them to access the discussion by clicking the link. Make sure to select a role that gives students the permissions best suited to your assignment (usually, this is the Writer role).

Step back and watch students complete the assignment in real-time! If additional feedback is needed during the assignment, use the Mark for Review tool, the Discussion Chat, or comment on specific claims to guide your students. Once the assignment is finished, you can use the Grading and Feedback tool to give feedback to students directly on their claims.

For further information, you may find it useful to view the Sample Assignments and Lesson Plans.

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