About the Discussion Minimap

About Discussion Minimaps

  • In each Kialo discussion, there are two methods to visually represent the thesis and claims: the tree minimap (which is shown by default) or the sunburst minimap. For both options, the thesis (or theses) is colored blue, pro claims are colored green, and con claims are colored red.
  • To change between each minimap option, click the appropriate icon located above the minimap.
  • Each minimap option is a different way of representing the same discussion. Users may find a preference for a particular option, or prefer to shift between the two.
  • The tree minimap is generally recommended for new users as it limits visible claims to those more directly related to the currently selected claim. The sunburst minimap can contain large amounts of information, especially in large discussions, which can be confusing to navigate for newer users.

The default tree minimap (left) and sunburst minimap (right).

About the Tree Minimap

  • The default tree minimap represents the thesis (or theses) at the top of the tree, with each “level” of the discussion in vertical layers underneath.
  • As you progress deeper into a discussion, the tree minimap displays the path taken to reach the selected claim, highlighting the route through each layer of broader arguments.
  • In the path from your current claim to the thesis, claims in the relevant levels above the currently selected claim are visible, as well as claims directly underneath.

About the Sunburst Minimap

  • The sunburst minimap represents the thesis (or thesis) in the middle of the sunburst, with each level of the discussion radiating outwards.
  • The current claims displayed in the area below the minimap are outlined in black, highlighting the current region of the discussion and how the visible claims fit in to the broader argument overall.
  • All claims in the discussion are visible.
  • Controls for navigating the sunburst minimap are located below it, to either zoom in, zoom out, reset view, or expand/shrink the minimap area.
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