Blackboard Kialo LTI Setup Documentation

This article outlines how to set up Kialo Edu LTI integration for Blackboard Learn. Kialo also supports LTI integration with Moodle and Canvas.

Please note:

  • An Admin for your Blackboard instance is required to perform the initial set up of Kialo as an LTI tool.
  • Teachers on Blackboard must have the Instructor role for LTI integration to function as intended.
  • Only the Edu version of Kialo ( supports LTI integration.
  • Only LTI 1.3 is supported (versions such as LTI 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0 are not supported).
  • By default, the Kialo tool placement will be located under Content > Build Content > Kialo Discussion. This can be changed during setup if required.
  • When accessing Kialo Edu via LTI:
    • students and teachers will be automatically signed into Kialo using their Blackboard email address.
    • in discussions, students are automatically assigned the Writer role, while teachers are assigned the Admin role.

Admins: Setting Up Kialo as an External Tool

Note: Before starting, ensure you’re an Admin on your Blackboard instance. The Blackboard Client ID for Kialo Edu is 7939bd58-59af-4022-9876-69816b1e5303. If you have any issues, please refer to the official Blackboard documentation or contact Kialo Edu support.

  1. Open the Administrator Panel in your Blackboard instance. In the Integrations section, click LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Select Register LTI 1.3 Tool.
  3. Enter the Client ID for Kialo Edu: 7939bd58-59af-4022-9876-69816b1e5303
  4. Click Submit.

Done! You can recommend educators view the Adding Kialo Content to your Course section.

Teachers: Adding Kialo Content to your Course

Once Kialo has been added as a tool to Blackboard (see above), it can be added as content to your courses. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your course and open the Content section.
  2. Click Build Content, then select Kialo Edu Discussion. A tab/popup opens.
  3. Click Continue. Sign into your Kialo account if prompted.
  4. Select the discussion to add.
  5. Once the confirmation page appears, you may close the tab/popup as needed.

Done! The Kialo discussion has been added as content to your course. If it doesn’t appear immediately, refresh the page.

Note: If you are unable to find Kialo in the Build Content section, your Blackboard administrator may have changed the default placement of Kialo. Contact your Blackboard admin for information specific to your Blackboard instance.

How accounts are managed

For Teachers

Teachers accessing Kialo via LTI need to be signed in on Kialo Edu ( in order to use the activity. If they are already signed in to Kialo, they can immediately use the LTI activity. Otherwise, they are prompted to log in (or create an account) the first time they click on Select content, or when opening an already configured Kialo activity.

For Students

Students who access Kialo via an LTI activity are usually automatically provided with a Kialo account with the same email address as provided by the LMS. The exact behavior depends on whether an account with the same email address already existed previously and some other factors.

Generally, if no Kialo account with the student’s email address has existed previously, a new account will be automatically created and the student is automatically signed into that account whenever they access Kialo via LTI. Subsequently, in most cases students won’t receive a login prompt.

If a Kialo account with the student’s email address has already existed before accessing Kialo via LTI, the student is prompted to log into that account by entering their password. Once they have entered their password, the account is linked to the LMS, so that the next time they access Kialo via LTI they are automatically signed in (even if they have been logged out of or if they access it via LTI on a different computer).

For security reasons, the student may be prompted to re-enter their password in certain circumstances, e.g. when they add or change an authentication method on their Kialo account.

Student Account Provisioning Details

When accounts are automatically created during the LTI process, their Kialo username is derived from the LMS account details. If still available, the Kialo account will have the same username as the account in the LMS. If the name is not available or invalid in Kialo, a valid account name will automatically be generated based on the student’s full name.

For provisioned student accounts, the Kialo terms and conditions are implicitly accepted, without the students having to explicitly check any checkboxes.

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