Cloning a Discussion

To clone a discussion:

  1. Open the discussion you wish to clone.
  2. Open the Discussion Menu and select ‘Discussion Settings’. 
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Clone Discussion‘.
  4. Enter a new title for the cloned discussion if desired.
  5. Enable or disable the following options as desired:
    • Copy comments, history and deleted claims: If checked, your discussion clone will include all previous claim history in the discussion, including comments and claim activity (such as where the claim has previously been moved or linked to/from, previous deleted claims which can be undeleted, etc). If unchecked, the claims will be cloned with no history.
    • Copy authors of contributions: If checked, the original authors of the claims will appear as their creators in your clone. If unchecked, you will appear as the author of all claims in the clone.
    • Copy votes: If checked, the current status of the impact meters on claims (i.e. how users have voted on claims in the discussion) will appear in your clone. If unchecked, the impact meters will be empty (and can be voted on as new).
    • Only copy: If checked, only the following claims will be cloned with the discussion as selected:
      • The thesis: Only the thesis of the discussion will be cloned, with none of the claims.
      • The first two levels: Only the thesis and the top level of pro and con claims will be copied.
  6. Click ‘Clone‘.

You can also clone a discussion directly from the My Kialo page by clicking the (vertical three dots) to the right of a discussion and selecting Clone.

Tip: If you intend to clone a discussion for multiple students or teams, using the Clone and Invite Wizard may be more appropriate.

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