Methods of Giving Feedback on Kialo

Kialo Edu is designed to be a highly interactive community platform. While there is a dedicated feature for providing feedback, there are also multiple other ways you can nudge students in the right direction to meeting the goals and objectives you’ve set for them. 

  • Grading and Feedback: When enabled, this feature allows you to provide a grade and feedback directly on claims. Tracking which claims you’ve graded and/or left feedback on is simple – feedback is displayed on the claim itself, and you can decide when to reveal it to students. Especially useful for feedback at the end of an exercise, private feedback for individual students, or when leaving a large amount of feedback. 
  • Tasks: If the Tasks feature is enabled, the My Tasks tab will automatically track students’ progress working towards the goals you’ve configured. As students contribute to the discussion, a check-mark will appear for tasks they have completed. Once a student completes all tasks, they receive a notification and the Tasks icon will display a check mark.
  • Commenting on a claim: Comments send a notification to any students you mention. This is useful for providing feedback on claim(s) quickly, which is convenient during an ongoing exercise (such as if students are working on a discussion in class). If using the Tasks feature, you can jump to the comments section of any claim displayed in the Tasks Details tab by clicking the Comment icon.
  • Discussion Chat: You can mention students in the Chat to send them a notification. As the Chat can be opened anywhere in a discussion, it is especially useful for giving more general feedback about the discussion, or regarding multiple claims or branches. You can drag claim(s) into the text box to link to them in your message. Be aware that if the Chat is active, it can be harder for students to follow feedback than other methods.
  • Marking a claim for review: Marking a claim for any reason will turn the claim yellow and notify the author. You can use this feature to distinctly highlight any claims in their location, prompting students to fix the issue (if applicable).

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. Your feedback is extremely valuable and helps us develop the right tools and features to improve your experience using Kialo Edu.

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