Using Teacher Feedback

Note: To use or adjust settings for Teacher Feedback, you must have Admin permissions in a discussion.

About Teacher Feedback

  • The Teacher Feedback feature allows you to give feedback to students directly on their claims. 
  • You can decide when and who is able to view the feedback you give.
  • For further advice on how to get the most out of the Teacher Feedback feature when grading a Kialo assignment, see Tips for Grading Kialo Assignments.

Enabling/Disabling the Teacher Feedback Feature

Note: To adjust settings for Teacher Feedback you must have Admin permissions in a discussion.

Teacher Feedback is disabled in discussions by default. To enable the Teacher Feedback feature:

  1. Open the Discussion Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Feedback on Claims’ section.
  3. Check the ‘Enable Feedback on claims’ box.

To disable the feature in a discussion, follow the same steps, unchecking the box.

Writing, Editing, and Removing Teacher Feedback

Writing Feedback

Tip: You might find it useful to enable Claim Authors to display which users created which claims while leaving feedback.

To leave feedback on a claim:

  1. Click the teacher’s hat icon on a claim.
  2. Enter your feedback in the text box.
  3. Once finished, click Save.

Note: By default, feedback is not yet visible to students in a discussion at this point. When you’re ready to share your feedback, you’ll need to make the feedback visible – see the following section.

Editing Feedback

To edit any feedback given: 

  1. Click the pencil icon on the feedback.
  2. Edit the feedback as appropriate.
  3. Once finished, click Save.

Removing Feedback

To remove any feedback: 

  1. Click the pencil icon on the feedback.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. A confirmation message appears asking if you want to delete the feedback. Click Delete.

Adjusting Who Can See Teacher Feedback

  • By default, only discussion Admins are able to see any feedback given.
  • In most cases, as students won’t have Admin permissions, they won’t be able to see the feedback you give until you change the Teacher Feedback visibility setting. This allows you to leave feedback for all students as desired and make it accessible once you are finished.
  • Students will receive a popup if they have not yet viewed feedback which is available to them in a discussion. 
  • Students can quickly view all feedback left for them by opening the My Claims list (in the Discussion Menu) and checking both the Show only claims with feedback and Show claims I linked options. 
  • If students wish to respond to feedback, they can do so by commenting and mentioning you on the specific claim. 

To change Teacher Feedback visibility:

  1. Open the Discussion Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Teacher Feedback’ section.
  3. In the ‘Users see feedback:’ menu, select one of the following settings:
    1. Don’t see feedback (default): only participants with the Admin or Owner roles can view feedback. Usually, this means only you and other teachers can see feedback. You should leave it on this setting until you are ready to share the feedback with your students.
    2. Only on their own claims: the creator of each claim can see the feedback left on their claims. Use this setting if you want students to be able to see the feedback you’ve given them, but not the feedback you’ve given others.
    3. On all claims: everyone in the discussion will be able to see all feedback. 

Tip: Irrespective of this setting, only Admins in the discussion can give feedback.

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