Adding a Discussion Image

About Discussion Images

  • The discussion image is displayed alongside the discussion title in various areas of Kialo.
  • Discussion images are an easy way to help students find discussions and make their Kialo experience more engaging.
  • When you create a discussion, you’re prompted to optionally upload a discussion image. 
  • The discussion image can be changed, added, or removed at any time.
  • Uploaded discussion images must be a .png or .jpg file type and no larger than 16MB.
  • If no image is uploaded, a random color pattern will be generated as a placeholder.
  • If necessary, you can include additional information related to the image in the Discussion Info, such as attribution for a Creative Commons license.

Discussion images help discussions be more easily identifiable in My Kialo.

Changing a Discussion Image

Note: To change the discussion image you must have Admin permissions or higher.

To modify the discussion image:

  1. Click the Settings icon in a discussion.
  2. Navigate to the Discussion Image section and click either Replace or Remove.
  3. If you selected Replace, pick a new image to upload.

Discussion image changes are saved automatically.

Warning: Ensure that you have a legal right to use the image you upload and the image complies with Kialo Guidelines.

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