Editing a Claim

Note: To edit your own claims, you must have Writer permissions or higher. To edit another participant’s claims, you must have Editor permissions or higher.

To edit a claim:

  1. Right-click the claim and select ‘Edit’; or hover over the claim and press ‘E’ on your keyboard.
  2. Edit the claim text as desired.
  3. Click ‘Save’.
  4. A prompt appears requesting the reason for the edit. Select one of the pre-filled options, type another reason, or leave the field blank.
  5. When finished, click ‘Confirm’.

Note: The reason for editing a claim is visible to all participants in a discussion.

Tip: If you have made a suggested claim, you can edit it until it is accepted by an Admin. To edit it after it is accepted, you must have Writer permissions or higher, otherwise, you should submit a comment requesting an Admin to edit it.

This short video walks you through the steps required to edit a claim, as well as several other key features of a Kialo discussion.

For information on how to edit or remove a link, see Editing/Removing a Link, or for information on editing a suggested claim, see Suggesting a Claim.

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