Using Kialo and LTI

Kialo works with LTI on all learning managements systems which have implemented LTI 1.3, including Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.

Educators using Moodle can integrate LTI themselves, while those using Canvas or Blackboard will have to ask their administrators to integrate Kialo with LTI.

The advantages of using Kialo with LTI:

  • Automatically, students will be signed in to Kialo, or an account will be registered using their learning management system’s email address.
  • In Kialo discussions, students are automatically assigned the Writer role, while teachers are assigned the Admin role.
  • Students will have the same name in Kialo as their learning management system.
  • For added security, you can use Kialo without sharing links.
  • Moodle Groups will be usable in Kialo. 
  • Grades given in Kialo will be synced back to your LMS (ETA July 2024).
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