Marking a Branch Seen


Marking a branch seen irreversibly removes all pending notifications you had in that branch — make sure you’re certain you want to clear the notifications from a branch before proceeding!

About Marking a Branch Seen

  • If you don’t want to go through notifications for a particular branch of a discussion (or an entire discussion), you can mark all changes to claims under a particular thesis or claim as seen. 
  • This clears all pending notifications and unseen claim icons in the branch. 
  • Marking a branch as seen can be used to clear all notifications in an entire discussion by marking the thesis branch as seen. 
  • Marking a branch as seen can also sometimes help your device load Kialo easier if it is having issues.

How to Mark a Branch Seen 

  1. Right-click on the claim to open the claim menu, or, left-click on the … Menu icon that appears at the top-right-hand of a claim when you hover over it.
  2. Select Mark Branch Seen.
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