Understanding Perspectives

When you view a discussion, by default, the voting bars show the average of all votes on each claim. However, you can change the perspective you view the discussion from at any time, to show the votes of a particular user, of a group of users, or a custom perspective.

To change perspective, open the Discussion Menu and select Perspectives. Select the perspective you would like to view the discussion from (either groups or individual users), or click Create New to create a custom perspective.

A custom perspective allows you to artificially vote on claims in a discussion to demonstrate a particular point of view — for example, the view you think a particular expert would take. After clicking Create New, enter a title for your perspective and click Save. To vote as the custom perspective, ensure your perspective is set to the intended custom perspective, and vote on claims accordingly. If you later wish to edit a custom perspective, return to the Perspectives menu and click on the icon on the desired perspective. You can choose to either change the name of the custom perspective, or delete it by selecting the Delete option.

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