Changing Discussion Notifications

About Following Discussions

  • You will automatically begin following a discussion if you create or are invited to one.
  • When you follow a discussion, it will appear in the ‘Following’ section of the My Kialo Page, providing an easy way to access the discussion. You will also receive notifications for all changes in the discussion. 
  • You should remain following a discussion while it is active (i.e. you are working on it or may work on it in the future) so that you can easily access it from My Kialo. 
  • You will receive optional email updates about followed discussions based on your Notification Settings.

Tip: If you can’t find a discussion in My Kialo and need to find it again, you can try:

  • Reviewing your recent discussions in My Kialo.
  • Searching for it using the search function.
  • Asking a colleague or teacher for the discussion URL.
  • If you still cannot find it, you should contact the discussion creator for a link to the discussion.

How to Change Discussion Notifications

To change the notifications you receive for a discussion:

  1. Open the discussion.
  2. Open the Changes list, if not already open, by clicking the bell icon located in the top-right and then Changes.
  3. Under Notify in My Kialo, select one of the following options:
    • For all changes (Following)
    • Only for Mentions
    • Muted

Changes are saved automatically.

Unfollowing a Discussion

To unfollow a discussion entirely:

  1. In My Kialo, click the three dots (“”) that appear to the right of the discussion.
  2. Select Unfollow.
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