How to Embed a Kialo Discussion in Moodle

Kialo Edu discussions can be embedded in Moodle, allowing you to display an interactive discussion in your course. This is useful as students can view and interact with discussions directly in Moodle without needing to navigate to Kialo Edu.

Important Notes Regarding Embedding Kialo Discussions in Moodle

In order to view an embedded Kialo Edu discussion, students must have the usual permissions required to access the discussion. Therefore, students must be logged in and invited to the discussion; or a Discussion Access Link must be enabled to allow all users accessing the Moodle page to view the discussion.

To embed a Kialo Edu discussion, a snippet of HTML code is copied from Kialo Edu and pasted into Moodle. The walkthrough below guides you through the process.

The embedded discussion appears where the code snippet is placed in the Moodle resource. In the walkthrough, the code snippet is pasted at the bottom of the resource. If desired, the code snippet can be placed in a different location, however, be aware students might not scroll past the embed and therefore may miss any information included underneath it.

If you are having trouble locating the relevant Moodle buttons specified in the walkthrough, your school or organization may be using an alternative theme for Moodle. This can change the appearance of the interface, or, more significantly, restrict you from using HTML (which is necessary to embed discussions). If this seems to be the case, please contact your IT department for further assistance.

Walkthrough: Embedding a Kialo Discussion in a Moodle Resource

  1. In Kialo Edu, navigate to the discussion to embed. Click the Share button found in the top-right of the discussion, then Embed Discussion.
  2. A popup appears with a snippet of HTML code. Click Copy.
  3. Navigate to the Moodle resource you want to embed the discussion in.
  4. Open HTML mode in the editor:
    1. Click the Show/hide advanced buttons icon to expand the toolbar.
    2. Click the HTML icon. This changes the contents of the text box to appear in HTML code.
  5. Paste the code at the bottom of the Moodle text box.
  6. Click the HTML icon again. This reverts the text box to the normal text editor. The embedded Kialo discussion appears in the text box as a placeholder link in the format ‘Kialo’.
  7. Click Save and display.

The discussion now appears embedded in an interactive window in Moodle.

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