Embedding Kialo in Learning Management Systems

There are detailed guides to embedding Kialo discussions in the following major LMS platforms:

Additionally, embedding Kialo has been tested with the following platforms:

  • Google Classroom: As Google Classroom does not currently support HTML editing in posts, Kialo Edu discussions cannot be embedded. We recommend attaching a link to Kialo discussions in posts.
  • Google Sites: Kialo Edu discussions can be embedded by selecting ‘Insert’ > ‘Embed’ > ‘Embed Code’, and using the regular method to Embed a Kialo Discussion.
  • Schoology: Kialo Edu discussions can be embedded (see Embedding a Kialo Discussion).
  • WordPress: Kialo Edu discussions can be embedded by opening the ‘Code Editor’ in the sidebar and pasting the embed code (see Embedding a Kialo Discussion).

To embed Kialo discussions in an LMS platform not listed here, see Embedding Kialo Discussions in Your Website for general instructions.

If you require further assistance with embedding Kialo discussions in your LMS platform, please do not hesitate to contact Support.

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